Benjamin Perron

Chaque jour est une saison comme les autres

Mix media, Impression au jet d’encre et transfert aquarelle, papier photographique fixé et non fixé (2020)

This project is made up of two series of images. In the first series, polyptychs recount the evolution of an image, from a watercolour transfer on unexposed photographic paper which is then exposed but not fixed, and then fixed. This combination of iterations in a single work recalls a state’s dependency on the previous one. The second series explores a specific state of the transformation of the image.

In each series, the iterations of each work (combined or in isolation) document a variable specific to the process (without intervention, washed, fixed, etc.) and whose result recalls the chance and temporary nature of the natural environment. Like the flower which wilts after blooming for several days, the image is transformed forever through contact with photographic chemicals.  

Each stage of the process is then documented through digitizing, and the images are reproduced in large format.