Benjamin Perron

Visite d’atelier / Studio work

Projet expérimentaux en cours

Much as Michael Flomen has said that “night is my darkroom,” I try to make day my darkroom. In photography, light is both a necessity and a danger. It is necessary for printing an image on the light-sensitive surface, but dangerous when overexposure irremediably burns the latent image it conceals. By using my backyard as a studio, I study the photographic possibilities of light-sensitive paper subject to long periods of exposure under a bright sun. To do so, I employ pinholes and photograms recorded directly on silver gelatin paper. Quietly, the image appears on the paper without development in the darkroom being necessary. Cyanotypes also enable me to study time and the play of shadow and light. Here are a few examples of my work in progress and of my lens-free cameras.